Friday, August 29, 2008

back in the saddle and the show goes on

so ya do what ya gotta do...even when this is the view... on wednesday it was raining, FOR REAL. I wrapped my stuff in shopping bags and headed out. other than my glasses fogging, it wasn't too bad... 'til i got to state's campus. with a bajillion buses, and brolly toting people, that little stretch took forever. If I hadn't needed to be at work I could have perched somewhere and photographed for a while as i really like rainy street scenes.

for years my standard answer to the question "what do you do when it rains?" has been: "I get wet!"

have a great labor day weekend everybody! be safe, and do something fun with those who matter the most to you...

Monday, August 25, 2008


another amazing, gorgeous day. every one was talking about the weather and how lucky we were since a week-long stretch was not the norm this summer. yay! i think we wound up in pretty good shape. hopefully next year they'll have it really worked out in our area of the grounds and we can start to build up the spot to it's full's a nice view from below I spotted today before the crowd rolled in

ending sundays typically start slow and grow into strong afternoons. it's a good time to "do stuff", like photography! here's 'mr n mrs rootbeer', me, and 'ritchie'.....

one can see alot out here.
the funny shirt of the
day was on this customer:

the people here are really friendly and a pleasure
to work with. makes ya wanna stay a little longer!

here's a test shot of my friend rob. we've known
the butcher boys for twenty years. rob's former
crewmate Todd died a couple years back and i
got the idea to feature this fork in a portrait of rob.
he uses it all the time and never lets go of it. he ate with it during his last meal with Todd. we all miss
him and it will be a cool tribute. we're gonna shoot
it in oct. when he's in raleigh for the state fair.

tear down is always interesting, working late in the night so you can catch a nap before heading to the next spot.

it was fun! i'm ready to go back already!
all for now. wherever you may go, be safe, and we'll see ya soon!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

nice day

with the amazing weather showing no end, the people who "waited for the weekend" were rewarded with a zinger! so were the concessionaires! by mid afternoon it was "straight out" at most of the hot joints. good moods aplenty, the vibe here is sweet as can be when it's buzzing hard. soon, we were all sweating a little from the work tempo:

........but not too much!

i found this neat little view in our neighbor's popcorn wagon

nothing glows like an open air stand on a pretty night!

holy cow, look at that! over 60 gallons of ice cream and nearly 300 gallons of rootbeer! not bad for one day at a county fair.

see ya later.. sleepy time....

Friday, August 22, 2008

humpday growing pains

three down, three to go. the rootbeer is flowing fine, but the neighbors are restless. they don't like their spot, the fair, blah blah blah. after begging and whining for two days they are moving to the other side of us. whatever. hurry up already it's time to rock!
here's a day shot with mom and john in view taken from the edge of the talent tent.

as i was taking this shot a nice old guy walked up to look at the truck. he had the most
tricked out rolleiflex i think i've ever seen! loaded..said he bought it new in '59! meet richard, antique photogeek!

by the end of the days we're either punchy, goofy, or some kind of mixture. one customer's Tshirt summed it up nicely:"i'm nuttier than a squirrel turd"! had to laugh..
mom and john were goofin' as we were winding down and there i was with the nikon:

all for now. tired and don't know why this is underlined..night night........

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

and they're off!

with the first day behind us, we've got the bugs out and we're ready to roll. now if the fair could do the same all would be grand! they rearranged our road to much dismay in the neighborhood. time will tell if it works out OK. positive  attitude is all we've got..onward! 

here's dad hangin' mid afternoon:

i got to take one quick walk and stretch my legs, and saw a couple cool things thru a
lensbaby. i  thought the colors were nice! the weather is simply stunning so far...

all for now, hope everyone is doing well. have a great day!


Monday, August 18, 2008

we're here!

long day across the catskills, but incredibly beautiful!!  this is the kingston rhinecliff bridge. super high and awesome views.
cool way to "land" in the hudson valley.

 this lensbaby portrait kinda sums up the way   
I feel after riding in a truck all day.....

time to work now, gotta set up the joint by dark cuz this
shindig starts at 10 AM sharp tomorrow! 

here's dad and john (brotherinlaw) putting the counters
together. it takes a while to get it right and level. last year 
we did it in the rain without electric (or dad, the grand master). fun!

this year the counters are coded with numbers you just match up..
after 50 something years he's getting it figured out ;-)

the day's over, time to eat! and hope for 6 beautiful days!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

sunday speedpak sundae!

fuzzy, hazy, but up and moving. i'm gonna hit the road in little over an hour, and i'm blogging, not packing! let's see if i can do it from scratch that fast and not forget anything. my sister beth will invariably run down a checklist when she picks me up and it's those kind of  people that keep me going! see you in NY!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

pants and socks

well it was back to court today and I dressed the part. although I was relaxed and ready it is unnerving just the same. after sitting there for 3 hours my attorney walked in and all hell broke loose. the judge wanted it done and we didn't. finally, the DA caved and we are continued 'til sept. 9.. it  will be a done deal next time. whatever happens, happens!
time to get ready for hard working fun..rootbeer floats at the dutchess co.fair in rhinebeck ny. can't wait, leaving sunday. got a new nikon d60 and i'll be posting photos
every couple days.

Monday, August 04, 2008

getting started

Hey everyone. I'm starting this thing in order to keep everyone up to date with what promises to be a busy one year period.

As many of you know, I'm going through a long court process for a DWI I got on my scooter. It's been over a year and still going, but hopefully will be done soon. The good news is I'm coming to terms with the alcohol by attending group twice a week and looking for a couple good meetings. I have friends who want me to check out their groups and I'm looking forward to it. 
The scooter is dead and parked by the way...
And I just passed 100 sober days!

This brings us to one of my favorite things: BICYCLES!
My plan is to go on an epic ride next summer in England. 
1400 kilometers (thats 869.919 miles) between aug.26 and aug.31 '09! you can learn about it here..
OF COURSE this will require a special new bike ;-) , assorted gear, and 1000's of miles
of training. I'm determined and excited to do this and want to thank everyone in advance for supporting me. Love and hugs too all...

Here's some crazy new bike parts that won't be on my new ride..(thanks Jim)
You'll see it come to life right here if all goes well..hopefully by fall with the help of
rootbeer money! oh, i'll explain that next time....