Saturday, October 02, 2010

Anger Management

I had a close call today going to work. A white SUV rushed me from behind very closely.
The driver and passenger flipped the bird too. What the hell!?!?!  I met them at the next intersection where they continued the language, showed me the sidewalk, and acted like punks. They were in fact, maybe 15-16 yrs old. The little 120 lb'r near me wanted to gang bang me. Amazing. I phoned it in to raleigh PD after getting to work. I thought about it on the ride home and came up with this:
I am not a freak. I am a cyclist.
Not a weekend warrior, or 'enthusiast', I ride everyday,
not just sunny days above 50 with friends. Rain or shine, often alone.

My bikes are not toys, they are tools. A mode of transportation. Vehicles.
Bicycles have the legal right to be on the road. Period.

I will not be bullied, or verbally or physically assaulted by narrow-minded motorists who take it upon themselves to teach me a lesson or find amusement in scaring me with honks, words, tossing drinks, spitting, or worse. I will be an ambassador for cycling by abiding by the laws of the road.

I will not ride nor live in fear. I will ride until I die. It is the lifestyle I have chosen, and one of the reasons I am alive and healthy today.