Monday, September 29, 2008

Mister Nachtway

one of, if not my favorite photojournalists, James Nachtway is about to do something BIG. James' documentary work is stunning, gut wrenching, and compasionate. he's been afforded a chance to
tell a story he feels we need to see. it is popping on Oct. 3... go here for a little more...

photos from the last fair up this week..see ya then

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


as soon as i can work my dad's PC i'll try to get pics up. got some fun ones but we need to update his browser so i can do it. no wifi here.. my mac gently weeps ( with me)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

i'm OK, new chapter

as i start this post, i'm not sure about my feelings or what to say. i went to court today and was given "the minimum" sentencing for a 2nd DWI. 4 weekends in jail, $500 fine, $125 costs, no community service, and 24 mos. supervised probation..... supervised. have to see an officer every month and can't leave the state, hell, county really without prior arrangement. i would have gladly fed people in a shelter, or fixed up old bikes for kids, for a couple hundred hours and given to the community instead of this. i may not go to the most important fair of the year for us because of this. this is bad. this happened on a scooter. i wasn't really driving. i wont drive until i'm 50. i will never get a CDL. no rootbeer truck. can't haul it. thanks to a scooter, and booze. i'm done with drinking. i'm sick of sprawl. i'm thinking about living where bikes are an accepted means of transportation. where it's normal to cycle, daily, to the store, work, wherever. not abnormal. where not having a car is OK, not wierd. because i'm OK, not wierd.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

"a picture is worth...."

just came across this blog while combing the reader. amazing photojournalism that shows a completely different take on what was going on at the two recent national conventions. these phojo's work deserves to be seen and can view it here....

Friday, September 05, 2008

keep on truckin'

i'm a lucky guy..i have have some sweet friends. hanna (she's a tropical storm) is coming to visit this weekend. those kind of storms only come on weekends around here, darndest thing...anyway, i turned down rides from three different people (one of which i really would have loved to have seen for a few minutes :o) ) this afternoon and rode my moulton APB home after work. kinda silly really but i've gotta be tough to do the big ride and besides, i'd rather save my ride home coupons for later when it's 40 degrees out and dark n' rainy. might be doing a big ride sunday if weather clears.
court is tuesday, good juju is appreciated. we'll see what happens, see ya after that.