Wednesday, January 21, 2009

keep on spinning

hello friends.. happy new year, happy snow day, and happy new prez.!

These are not the best of times in the U S of A.. as we enter a new age of hopeful optimism, we have to deal with the damage already done. The era of mergers and acquisitions has left an incredible amount of carnage in business of all sizes, but small companies have been hit the hardest. Sure, layoffs are going on in big companies but it still could be you or your neighbor and that sucks. Now it's close to home, NOT on TV. Real. We all want a good deal. Service ain't free. Neither is real estate, payroll, payroll taxes, inventory, electricity, advertising.. that small shop wants your business but they have to make a profit to keep it going, and 10% or so isn't much difference. It also apparently can't keep a high volume "bigbox" afloat either as Circuit City is about to close. Is Best Buy next? where we gonna get our cheap electro-toys when all the principal distributors here are gone? amazon? nice showroom..Wallyworld? not me, they started the whole cheap craze and have killed more biz than anyone: both stores AND manufacturers. We want to save now, but a $29 item that is replaced every couple years compared with a $59-69 item that lasts 10 years or much longer cost less after just 2-3 years! The difference also may be made right here: American goods! quality IS worth it.
shop local, buy local: stimulate YOUR economy by parking your bucks in your neighborhood, it's how the great towns were built. Oh, and that sales tax works wonders too. Schools and infrastructure are not supported when we call NY (or CO) or go online..

why the rant? a group of kind bike folks are outta work here..The Spin Cycle is closing..
more than a seller, they were advocates, fans, supporters, enthusiasts, teachers, and friends and neighbors. with lots of room for egos, and gear snobbery in a field like cycling, one never felt judged at this store. they were just fellow cyclists (they still are!).
here's hoping the whole bunch moves on smoothly. this past weekend was emotional as the store had a 'fire sale' which was like a local cycling convention and reunion. the turnout was huge, and I got to go on day two. I was in the store just a few weeks ago and was amazed at how much was gone after just one day. having a tough time myself in the past week,( my bank account was scammed, then my scooter was stolen!) I caved and 'self-medicated' by purchasing the last Serotta Colorado III from their (rental!) fleet. Hey, a handmade American bike with a full campy gruppo (maintained by Matt) for 5 c-notes? no-brainer. 'lucky 21' will live with me now, and will be my ride for many a happy mile.
can't wait to get out there this weekend and jam on it.. I know all my cycle buds are sad to know a great shop is closing. we'll miss ya and the mother of all rides: the july 4th firecracker!!

here's the gang when i picked up my bike. lots of teary smiles 'round there, almost every bike i own has something on it from this shop, and they sent me out in style, thanks!