Tuesday, February 15, 2011

more anger management

hello folks,

From this day forward, I hope to write more often. much more. not only about cycling, although it will be at the core of course. for I have been denied the right to drive for another year. the NC DMV has no love for me. as easily as I could go tie one on, like most people would, I'm thinking about going for a ride. it's 8 o'clock at night. just got home and went to the box, opened the letter, and almost fainted. I'm still in my bike clothes. I am going to need some more chocolate to get thru this night! maybe a cigar too...

one thing is certain-there will be a little anger in my legs for a while. just shout me out if I go storming off on a ride. it'll take a bit to leave it all out there, but I look forward to the K's we'll cover together this year. the NC rando's are some of the best folks I know, and I'm glad to call you my friends :)

fellow cyclers are welcome to come drive my car too. i'd like to pitch-in as much as I can.

gotta call the boss now, break the news, and see if I can have saturday off to go ride a 400K!!

peace and love,

big daddy

ps: Yo Adrian, you'll be on the road with us forever.....