Friday, December 09, 2011

keeping warm in style

hey there, hope you all are well. as a commuter, i can tell you the weather is different on a daily basis. i have been working the wool since october at times but full time now at least on one layer or another. that said, have a look at this design for an NC Randonneurs woolie..

 i think it looks great! project coordinator Branson says we need a few more interested to hit the minimum. get on board! Baaaa-aaaa!!  

the skinny:Pricing will be Short Sleeve $95, Long Sleeve $105, plus $8 shipping each (if needed.) If you want to wear one, drop me (branson) an email at NCRandOrder AT gmail DOT com with:

1- SS or LS or both
2- Size
3- Shipping or pick-up

full story over at research trailer park-link in the right hand column :)

stay tuned for some more gear reviews coming soon.