Monday, August 27, 2012

ToC 1200K pre-ride jitters?

nah, more like excitement! there are less than 36 hrs to the start, and I can hardly wait.
after a nice 60 mile test run yesterday, I was a bit concerned with my climbing. I just had a 9 day break from the bike, and wasn't feeling zippy at all. Claire was not 'perfect' either. 3 hrs of maintenance fixed the drivetrain and she's running like a top now..all that's left is a few final kit selections concerning a jacket (we will see rain for sure, hurricane Isaac is lurking), wool, spare shoes?, and packing the different drop bags tonight.

what I am most excited about is all the cool people coming to do the ride. local buddies, and friends from 1200's past. this is gonna be fun! bon route to all!!