Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving

we have so much to be thankful for. lets remember that. family, friends, health, work, life itself.. ahh life, often veiled in painful realities hard to forget or let go of. but, it marches on, never missing a beat, the hands of time tick with a flawless precision that only experience and wisdom can accept and respect. if allowed, new joys come along and overshadow the sorrows. it's why we keep living... now.. maybe tomorrow. yesterday's gone. everything is just a blink of an eye. life is short. enjoy all you can,especially time with family and friends, and don't let anything bring you down. i'm hoping for a happy and joyous holiday season for all of us. i will do my utmost to not be a bummer to any one I care about, shoot, even strangers for that matter, no scrooge this year!
and let's not forget the reason(s) for the season either, it's so easy to forget amidst all the commercial hubbub. enjoy the holidays!!

here's a little gift to start it off- 7 months sober!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

50 years!

'twas a special day for two amazing people parents celebrated their anniversary today at their little church..50 years together, truly incredible in today's society. a landmark event enjoyed by friends and family, including a few family members who travelled a good way(NY to FLA!!) just to suprise them..

getting ready....corsage

pat and larry did a bunch of work and had fun doing it........

original cake topper.. a lady a couple towns over has a bakery in an old train depot. she matched the color with a wicked cream cheese frosting..great job!

eat some cake!!
cackling with the sisters....

table full of memories..bunch o silly people!

lots of fun was had by all. a fun trip we would not have missed, nor will we forget, just like the folks whos lives together we celebrated!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

uber touring

the day before leaving town I looked out the store window and saw a bike loaded beyond belief..
I needed a closer look! I grabbed a camera and crossed the street... upon arriving I met a very
congenial guy rolling up a tube and tucking it away in a bag. He explained to me his dumpster find: an old mtn. bike, with usable parts. He was pleased to get a tube, tire, and I think he was going back for pedals, as his were squeeking a little and feeling worn out. A self professed "camper", he was totally self contained, with 2 gallons of water and all his possessions, free to go anywhere!
here's Dan showing us the infinite possibilities of human powered travel...

a look at the front end including the ultra marathon hydration system. Dan says out in the desert one may have to go half a day without access to water.

catch your own food with a fishing pole..favorite spot? Chesapeake Bay.

Talking bikes with Dan Friendly..a free spirit riding a what else? a Sears Free Spirit !!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

don't honk, I'm peddaling as fast as I can!

really, thanksgiving is next week, but I've got too much on my plate right now! Little Miss Lins gave me 30 rolls of film to develop and I'm trying to knock it out out before going to florida this weekend.
It's mom and dad's 50th anniversary! mom gave me old photos to copy, and that's why the profotos are seen in this shot. I just shot 'em and they are going in the can now. one more run after that and yippee! some day I'll use this stuff to print some of my own work.....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

no jail? photograph something!

with a reprieve from lock-up I really wanted to be outside..after work on saturday, under cloudy skies I headed to a raleigh picturesque favorite: Oakwood Cemetery. this location is one of those places that nevers fails to show itself to you in a new way every time you visit..enjoy.

on the way home (westward), the mist brought on a huge rainbow, and a flaming sky ensued!

busy, busy 200k

with so much going on, you keep your head down and gulp air like a swimmer in a race. not really, but that might work! last weekend i joined two rando buddies for my first 200k of the year. although a little apprehensive, it had to be done, and i knew i was in good hands. byron and mike ride at least one (200k) a month called a "permanent", which is what i hope to do from here on...
mike rode one the day before! thanks to that the pace was described as leisurely! i called it hanging on! worried about taking too much stuff i left the camera behind, no time to stop for the amazing fall colors on this beautiful loop up near the VA. line around kerr lake! no worries though, mike grabbed some pics with his phone. catch his story and photos here. 10 hrs. on a bike leaves plenty of time for introspection and wonder, but mostly grooving to the rhythm of your heart, breath, and whatever song is stuck in your head is what keeps you moving..i felt beat a few times but good in the end. ready to do it again after turkey day!

this weekend should have been the last visit to jail, but alas, it was not to be. i was reassigned to a different facility without being notified ahead of time. we found out at check-in and hit the street to catch a cab to the other 'joint'. by the time we arrived, stood around a gate calling in to a speaker box, repeatedly, and finally being told to go to a different part of the building, the voice in the box told us:"sgt. says your too late"! thanks..we'll come back later. maybe. think i'll try to do 'em at the real jail where i've been going. i got friends in there...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

thanks for waiting

just wonderin'.........

all of you wanting some fair ya go..round one..those fairgoers who waited for a NICE DAY got one one on the final sunday. perfect weather. really. great crowd. fall colors on the way.
food in the air. lots of noise. i spent a couple hours with the lensbaby in the afternoon.

okay, come twilight, I stuck with the lensbaby. too pretty!!
hope you don't mind a few carousel pics!!

Monday, November 03, 2008

salisbury street hotel

hey everyone. it is my hope to get some pics up this week! really. i just got back from another weekend in jail. lot's of thinking, napping, and horrible 'food'. while it is getting a little easier to go, it is also strange to consider it routine. i'm making friends with a couple guys who are doing several weekends themselves. most of us just chill and keep to ourselves, it's really the best way since we are just 'passing through'. some are determined to draw attention, but the group can pay the price when someone acts up. ultimately the the clown will pay when lockdown ends... be cool dude! I just want to get out and eat something I can identify! and go to work, and get some miles in on my bikes. yeah, bikes. photos coming there too on some recent facelifts to a couple favorites, stay tuned!! peace to all....G-