Wednesday, March 25, 2009

all in a day's work..

here's an amazingly calm description of a 300kilometer day in the saddle.
thanks, big george. MSR by M Barry

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

playing catch up!

i'm back! sorry to be away so long. it's been a bit of a crazy time.

first, I love the serotta bike:it rocks! fabulous ride quality, and the fit may as well be custom. been on some good rides on it and even commuted with it a
few times. ha
d a flat too!

nearly went to Vegas for the PMA convention but, (besides a WEE bit of snow)could not work it out logistically. oh well, photo toys will be there next year in Annaheim!

speaking of toys: Byron and I went to yanceyville last weekend to visit
gilbert,sue, (and moo!) @ north road bicycle. wish they were still in raleigh!
it was a yucky, rainy day and perfect for browsing a bike shop like NR!!

the sunshine was back this week and we managed a nice trainer before a long haul this weekend to get ready for the brevet season which starts next week! 200k on 4/4/9!
here's Byron out on the road near jordan lake:

this sepia toned image was taken with a new canon elph sd780. so far I like it!

you can follow me on twitter: cyclerdood

you'll see some familiar cycling folks i'm following! fun stuf..
got this link from johan:yellow jersey nice lil' story...

see how a pro cycling journalist keeps up with it here:surfing for cycling

been assisting some this past month. shot an amazing house with an impressive photo gallery in it! yes, that is a Sally Mann behind me. wish all jobs were this cool....

whew, that's enough for now. more work, life, n' laughs to come. off to the darkroom.

ps: 11 months and counting, a year without a drink is on the horizon!!