Monday, November 03, 2008

salisbury street hotel

hey everyone. it is my hope to get some pics up this week! really. i just got back from another weekend in jail. lot's of thinking, napping, and horrible 'food'. while it is getting a little easier to go, it is also strange to consider it routine. i'm making friends with a couple guys who are doing several weekends themselves. most of us just chill and keep to ourselves, it's really the best way since we are just 'passing through'. some are determined to draw attention, but the group can pay the price when someone acts up. ultimately the the clown will pay when lockdown ends... be cool dude! I just want to get out and eat something I can identify! and go to work, and get some miles in on my bikes. yeah, bikes. photos coming there too on some recent facelifts to a couple favorites, stay tuned!! peace to all....G-

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