Saturday, November 22, 2008

uber touring

the day before leaving town I looked out the store window and saw a bike loaded beyond belief..
I needed a closer look! I grabbed a camera and crossed the street... upon arriving I met a very
congenial guy rolling up a tube and tucking it away in a bag. He explained to me his dumpster find: an old mtn. bike, with usable parts. He was pleased to get a tube, tire, and I think he was going back for pedals, as his were squeeking a little and feeling worn out. A self professed "camper", he was totally self contained, with 2 gallons of water and all his possessions, free to go anywhere!
here's Dan showing us the infinite possibilities of human powered travel...

a look at the front end including the ultra marathon hydration system. Dan says out in the desert one may have to go half a day without access to water.

catch your own food with a fishing pole..favorite spot? Chesapeake Bay.

Talking bikes with Dan Friendly..a free spirit riding a what else? a Sears Free Spirit !!

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