Friday, October 24, 2008

time's flyin'

wow. SIX months without a drink....let's' do another round! I just spent my first weekend in county,and all i can really say is: THE WORST PART IS THE FOOD! i don't want to do it again but i've got no choice. over soon enough. to the fair! GO! lot's of fun stuff. here's our stand:

and a fun shot from across the way. went on monday with good friend Jeff and saw chef bobby flay.. i'll be out there this weekend shooting a bunch. have some fresh pics up soon. hoping to ride this weekend too! safe times all! talk soon..G


-b said...

congrats on the anniversary!! looking forward to your fair fotos!

beths works said...

Great Job Big Brother on 6 months!! I am behind you 1000%! Fair shots were great, but you should have took me to Bobby Flay!