Sunday, October 05, 2008

great frederick fair

so i did get to go to frederick, and quickly remembered that one doesn't get much free time at gigs like this.. but day one started out raining and baby heffer 'bella' came into the world.
then Beth watched it rain, and I goofed with the camera:

the sunset on sunday was a really nice close to a good weekend!after the weekend I got to venture out and found a flying pig and a cool look at the wheel
with the lensbaby.
oh, check out my cool new 'rootbeer man' shirt..

each day Dad makes a run between stands to stock 'em up with his buggy (his concoction)

upon his return, Mom stopped by, and Kathy and Drew showed up for their 'usual':
Two rootbeer floats. Duh.. they come by several times each year, shoot, she sends us photos!

nice batch of antique cars here this year......

what's an Ag. Fair without a little pony racing? lot's of animal stuf at this show. i missed the alpacas' opening weekend. but caught a longhorn on the last day..

all for now, the rootbeer people are in winston-salem thru 10/12..then it's state fair time in raleigh 10/17-10/26.. more pics then!

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