Monday, August 18, 2008

we're here!

long day across the catskills, but incredibly beautiful!!  this is the kingston rhinecliff bridge. super high and awesome views.
cool way to "land" in the hudson valley.

 this lensbaby portrait kinda sums up the way   
I feel after riding in a truck all day.....

time to work now, gotta set up the joint by dark cuz this
shindig starts at 10 AM sharp tomorrow! 

here's dad and john (brotherinlaw) putting the counters
together. it takes a while to get it right and level. last year 
we did it in the rain without electric (or dad, the grand master). fun!

this year the counters are coded with numbers you just match up..
after 50 something years he's getting it figured out ;-)

the day's over, time to eat! and hope for 6 beautiful days!

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