Friday, August 22, 2008

humpday growing pains

three down, three to go. the rootbeer is flowing fine, but the neighbors are restless. they don't like their spot, the fair, blah blah blah. after begging and whining for two days they are moving to the other side of us. whatever. hurry up already it's time to rock!
here's a day shot with mom and john in view taken from the edge of the talent tent.

as i was taking this shot a nice old guy walked up to look at the truck. he had the most
tricked out rolleiflex i think i've ever seen! loaded..said he bought it new in '59! meet richard, antique photogeek!

by the end of the days we're either punchy, goofy, or some kind of mixture. one customer's Tshirt summed it up nicely:"i'm nuttier than a squirrel turd"! had to laugh..
mom and john were goofin' as we were winding down and there i was with the nikon:

all for now. tired and don't know why this is underlined..night night........