Monday, August 25, 2008


another amazing, gorgeous day. every one was talking about the weather and how lucky we were since a week-long stretch was not the norm this summer. yay! i think we wound up in pretty good shape. hopefully next year they'll have it really worked out in our area of the grounds and we can start to build up the spot to it's full's a nice view from below I spotted today before the crowd rolled in

ending sundays typically start slow and grow into strong afternoons. it's a good time to "do stuff", like photography! here's 'mr n mrs rootbeer', me, and 'ritchie'.....

one can see alot out here.
the funny shirt of the
day was on this customer:

the people here are really friendly and a pleasure
to work with. makes ya wanna stay a little longer!

here's a test shot of my friend rob. we've known
the butcher boys for twenty years. rob's former
crewmate Todd died a couple years back and i
got the idea to feature this fork in a portrait of rob.
he uses it all the time and never lets go of it. he ate with it during his last meal with Todd. we all miss
him and it will be a cool tribute. we're gonna shoot
it in oct. when he's in raleigh for the state fair.

tear down is always interesting, working late in the night so you can catch a nap before heading to the next spot.

it was fun! i'm ready to go back already!
all for now. wherever you may go, be safe, and we'll see ya soon!

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