Saturday, April 09, 2011

Prepping for Hors Categorie Tours

i've only 4 more weekends to ride and prepare for my first 1200K. a little thing called life must go on during the week so the schedule is full: mountain trainers, 300k, mountain 200k (w/10,000 feet of climbing!), 400k/200k back to back weekend, and nearly 200k's of commuting each and every week. yep, spring is in the air..

here's a quick look at some ordinary riders (yeah, the Rapha Boys are ordinary) pre riding this year's Paris-Roubaix course:

Hors Course from RAPHA on Vimeo.

myself and a couple cycing friends will be doing a variation of the famous 'triple hump' ride from hanging rock to sauratown mntn., pilot mntn., and finally back up to hanging rock. looking forward to it! should be a good test to see how the new bike will do on Tony's 200k in Hot Springs in 2 weeks.

so get out there and ride something tough. then relax and enjoy the queen of the classics.
you'll feel so much better knowing you left a little out there on the road..Allez!!


shoegazer said...


Rierson Photography said...

I tried to find you a live stream of Paris-Roubaix that would play on your iPhone while you wait for me at the top of each climb, but so far no luck... ;)

Griya Mobil Kita said...

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skiffrun said...

I'll be looking for short Geof-posts after every one of those training rides.

And, when appropriate, longer ones by Bryan.