Monday, April 12, 2010

allright, let's get caught up!

hey ev'ry body! 
sorry for the long absence. things are good, just been living in a vacuum. work. sleep. ride.

after the rainy lake loop, I enjoyed two trips on Dean's tarheel 200 to round out my brevets for the year. 1st time just before thanksgiving- foggy, fabulous, and in Byron's words: "we finished with the shades on!" it looked something like this


the fog left us dew'y and damp 'til the sun was out a bit. after the steadman control it was nothing short of a perfect ride. well, Tom rolled a tire and fell, but was fine and finished in good shape! I really couldn't wait to ride this route again..

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Mike Dayton said...

Your best panda shot ever!

Mike / Raleigh