Friday, March 25, 2011

a couple of fun rides

The Whirligig-

several riders lined up for this 100k populaire put on by Tim. it departs from nashville, and rambles about the area, but the highlight is the namesake: acid park- home of vollis simpson's amazing whirligig sculptures. we cyclists don't like the wind, but it's what makes the sculptures come to life. enjoy the breeze! dogs make the only climb a goody too :)

Carthage Coffee Run-
Branson's trek for java is tougher that it looks on paper. bryan and I broke this one in last fall and I rode it again with jerry and branson in feb days after Adrian's passing. we had a great time. the roads were good, the sun shined, but the coffee shop in carthage was closed :( we controlled at a C-store and headed back. the grilled cheese was fine at the diner but in the spirit of Yo-A! we had fried pickles too! another neat option on this ride is the american tobacco trail. we passed this day, but bryan and I indulged on the retour of our ride in the fall. it's a great way to dodge cars, and beat the wind too. you can do it on a road bike as long as you're on sturdy tires :)

you really should eat at the fairview dairy bar. friendly and fun, perfect on a 200k..


sag said...

Where is the diner?


geof said...

andy, the fairview dairy bar is in sanford. near the hospital, just so. of town. it's around the 80 mi. mark on the retour..