Sunday, May 31, 2009

long strange trip

just a quick announcement about someting I've been working on for a year:
not drinking. how's it going you ask? well, it's been a year. 4/23/09
35 pounds less of me too. skipping 140 gallons of wine helps alot.. in many ways.
thanks for all the support everybody, lets go for two!!



bullcitybiker said...

Way to go, G, and congratulations! Let's ride- BK

dean furbish said...

Nice going, G!

I still want to see the picture you took of the long horned cattle on the ride near Siler City!


-b said...

Way to go!!

Todd and I have always joked "If Geof lost 50 pounds we wouldn't want to ride with him". Well, you've lost a bunch of weight and it shows in your riding.

No matter how much weight you lose, I'll always be happy to ride with you.

Congrats on the first year and many more!