Wednesday, September 10, 2008

i'm OK, new chapter

as i start this post, i'm not sure about my feelings or what to say. i went to court today and was given "the minimum" sentencing for a 2nd DWI. 4 weekends in jail, $500 fine, $125 costs, no community service, and 24 mos. supervised probation..... supervised. have to see an officer every month and can't leave the state, hell, county really without prior arrangement. i would have gladly fed people in a shelter, or fixed up old bikes for kids, for a couple hundred hours and given to the community instead of this. i may not go to the most important fair of the year for us because of this. this is bad. this happened on a scooter. i wasn't really driving. i wont drive until i'm 50. i will never get a CDL. no rootbeer truck. can't haul it. thanks to a scooter, and booze. i'm done with drinking. i'm sick of sprawl. i'm thinking about living where bikes are an accepted means of transportation. where it's normal to cycle, daily, to the store, work, wherever. not abnormal. where not having a car is OK, not wierd. because i'm OK, not wierd.


Stephen Aubuchon said...

You need to move to Montreal where they understand bicycles in the city, unlike Dogpatch NC.

Mike Dayton said...

glad you got that chapter behind. keep up the good stuff.